Setting up your time card

When you first log in to the Rhumbix app you are automatically taken to the time card set up screen. If you are not already there go to the Time Card section in the mobile app menu.

On the New Time Card page, you pick the project, date, start/end times, crew members, and cost codes for your time card. Once your selections are made these are your default setting, you do not need to go through the same process each day.

1. Select your Project(s)

You can select multiple projects for a single time card.

Use the search bar at the top to search by project name or number.

If you do not see your project, please contact your administrator so they can add you to your project(s).

2. Confirm the Date, Start/End times

The start and end time are time stamps for your time card, you assign total hours to each of your crew members in the next step.

3. Select your Craft Workers

If an administrator assigns team members to your project they are surfaced as “Project Team Members” at the tops of the list.

Use the search bar at the top to search by first name, last name, employee ID, classification or trade.

4. Select your Cost Codes

These are the codes you anticipate working on for the day, they are part of a quick-pick list during the timekeeping process.

Use the search bar at the top to search by project number, cost code, or cost code description.

5. Click “Next” to start the timekeeping process

Filling out your time card

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