Filling out your time card

Once set up is done you are ready to fill out your time card.

1. Return to setup

If you need to add more projects, cost codes, or crew members, or change the date of your time card, use the back “<” button to return to set up.

The date of your current time card is displayed at the top of the Time Card page.

2. Assign time, meals and shift extras

Assign time and add shift extras by clicking on crew members one by one or assign the time to multiple crew members by clicking the top right “Select” button to pick a group of crew members.

If you forgot to select a cost code during set up, click “Select Cost Code” to add more.

2a. Assign time by clicking and scrolling to add time under the ST, OT, and DT labels.

2b. If your company requires meal and break times, add them here.

2c. Add reimbursements or shift premiums under “Shift Extras”.

3. Add absences

Add an absence to a crew by swiping left on their name and selecting an absence reason.

Absences are used to let your payroll and time card approvers know that a worker was missing from site for all or part of the day.

If you marked someone absent by accident you can swipe left on their name to mark them present.

4. Submit

Once you are finishing assigning time, adding meal/break times, adding shift extras, noting absences, and adding notes click the gold “+” to submit.

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