Add notes

Notes can be added to each time card in the Rhumbix Mobile App to help document site conditions and summarize work completed. Saved notes will appear along side your time card in the Web App. You can add notes to any current time card or to any historical time card.

  1. For a new time card, after you have completed the initial setup for the day, click on the notes tab and hit the Create A Note button
    For a past work shift, navigate to Previous Time Cards on the menu, select the day where you wish to add a note, scroll to the bottom of the Time Card Summary, and hit the Add Note button
  2. Select your note type
  3. Fill in one or more fields of the note template
  4. Click Save 

Add as many notes and photos as you want for each work shift. The note types are: Delay, Safety, Equipment, Crew, Weather, Quantities, and Miscellaneous. 


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