What do the different Rhumbix Roles mean?

There are six standard roles you can assign to your employees on the Rhumbix platform. These roles are Admin, Payroll Admin, Project Manager, Foreman, Office Staff, and Worker. Each role comes with varying levels of permissions. When adding your employees, please be sure to assign roles with these permissions in mind.

The Admin role is typically assigned to any Executive, Manager, Supervisor or Payroll Staff who needs to have full control of the Rhumbix platform.
The Payroll Admin role is often assigned to any Manager, Supervisor, or Payroll Staff who needs to approve time for a specific subset of projects and do not need access to each project.
The Project Manager role is frequently assigned to any Manager or Supervisor who needs full control over their project but does not need to approve time cards.
The Foreman is typically assigned to foremen or anyone who collects data in the field for their own crew.
The Office Staff role is typically assigned to anyone who submits their own time card on the web but does not have a crew.
The Worker role has no standalone functionality as users with this designation do not have their own accounts. They are added by other users to time cards for any project they are assigned to. 

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