How to view time cards

Rhumbix data is collected by your field workers through the Rhumbix Mobile App. You can view this data on the Rhumbix Web App, below is an overview of the standard views. You can view your data for a single project by selecting it from the PROJECT LIST, or you can view data across all your projects by selecting the All Projects option.

Weekly Time Card
This view shows your employees and the hours they worked each day of the week. If you click the triangle to the right of a crew member name you will see a breakdown of the projects and cost codes they worked on. You can navigate between weeks using the calendar and the
arrows to the right and left of the date.

If you want to drill down 
on data for a particular day, click the magnifying glass to be taken to the Daily Time Card view.

Daily Time Card 
The purpose of this page is to give you a daily snapshot of your data for each of your Rhumbix projects. In this 
view, you will see Time Cards, Activity (edits and approvals), Safety & Health Overview (if signatures are required), as well as Notes. This is the view where you are able to edit time cards.


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