Managing Employees & Users

The Company Administration Team Members section lets you add and edit employees and users. Any employee added here can be included on time cards and T&M tags. To access go to “Company Administration” at the bottom left of the screen and go to “Team Members”.
To give an employee access to Rhumbix add their information then switch their role from Worker to one of the many Rhumbix Roles. Each role has different access and permission levels described in the Rhumbix Roles article. Once their role has been updated from Worker they get an email to set up their Rhumbix account.

A few general notes about the Rhumbix employee information fields:

  1. Employee ID, First Name, and Last Name fields are mandatory for all
  2. Email and Phone Number are required for some, anyone but the worker role requires an email, foremen require phone number and email
  3. Trade & Classification are optional but can be used searching for crew members in the mobile app as well as for payroll processing
  4. If you don’t follow the outlined requirements the row you are trying to edit will highlight in red. If you hover over the red highlight the system shows you what needs to be fixed.

For bulk upload:

  1. Click “Upload”
  2. Click “Download .CSV Template”
  3. Fill out the .csv template with your team members, save the file for upload
  4. Upload the file by clicking “Select A File”
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Note: if you upload an employee that already exists in the system we use Employee ID as the unique identifier and update any other information that changed.

For single entry:

  1. Click “+ Add Row”
  2. Type in each team member and their information
  3. Information is automatically saved as you enter it
  4. Errors with your entries will highlight in red, hover over the error to see what needs to be fixed

To edit or copy and paste employee information:

  1. Click into any cell and type in the new information, it will save automatically
  2. OR you can copy and paste cells:
  3. Click into the cell
  4. Click “Copy” on the yellow action bar
  5. Click the new cell
  6. Click “Paste”

To Delete, Deactivate, or Activate employees:

  1. Select the employee(s) by clicking the box to the left of the Employee ID
  2. Click “Edit”
  3. Select the action: Delete, Activate or Deactivate

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