How to set up a new project

Anyone with PM or Admin user role can add and edit projects. To set up a new project, please follow the below steps:

Click the + button from the top left PROJECT LIST, this takes you to a screen where the
set up steps are outlined on your screen as steps 1-5.
  1. Step 1 Project Information and Settings
    1. Type your Project Name
    2. Type your Project Number
    3. Enter the project address (optional)
    4. Make sure your project is marked as Active
    5. Select if you require daily time card signatures
    6. Click Save & Finish
  2. Step 2 Add Your Cost Codes
    1. There are two ways for you to add cost codes, through bulk upload or by typing them in one by one. The first time you upload cost codes it will automatically take you to the bulk upload screen.
    2. Upload Instructions - Cost Code Template
    3. Single Entry
      1. Click Create at the top left
      2. Type in each cost code, description, and unit of measure
      3. Click Save in the top right
  3. Step 3 Add Your Project Team Members
    1. Each foremen or PM that needs access to one of your projects has to be assigned through the Project Team Members section. Similar to cost codes, there are two ways for you to add team members, through bulk upload or typing them in one at a time.
    2. Upload Instructions - Employee Template
    3. Single Entry
      1. Click Create at the top left
      2. Start typing in the employee ID, first name, or last name of your user - a list of matching employees will show below the text field, click the employee you wish to add
      3. Repeat steps 1 and 2
      4. Click Save
  4. Step 4 Invite Your Foremen (only do this if your foremen don't have Rhumbix downloaded)
    1. Select any foreman that you want to send the Rhumbix Mobile App download link to
    2. Click Send Invites
  5. Step 5 Upload Your Budget (optional)
    1. If you are using Rhumbix Pro to track project productivity you need to upload a project budget.
    2. Upload Instructions - Budget Template

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