What is the Rhumbix security policy?

Trust and Security

At Rhumbix we look forward to managing and maintaining our customer’s data and services. We also recognize the importance of this commitment.  Rhumbix is here to provide clear insight to our customers. That only can happen with a top-notch system. We’ve implemented multiple controls and policies to maintain the trust and quality. Below are some of the most significant steps.

Network Encryption
All communication from website and clients are encrypted with industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  This manages the concern of leaking any important information during the use of our services.

Data Storage
The heart of the application is the data. Rhumbix takes data and security seriously. We work only with quality service providers. Production environments are managed with only specific access granted on a need basis. Mobile device data requires just as much attention and care. We encrypt data at rest with the best industry technology in both cases.

Backups are an important part of any data management policy.   Backups are taken daily and secured in the same manner as the production data.  

Services are managed for high availability. These steps include redundancy of key services and flexibility to quickly increase capacity.  In the event of any unforeseen problem, we will openly communicate the issue, quickly work to resolve
it, and provide a detailed description of the resolution.

Continual Monitoring
Trust builds with time and care. We employ world class monitoring for our services. This allows us to respond quickly to issues as they arise.  To get even more input we regularly have third party audits. These provide a second level of insight as well as a check of the existing systems.

Where can I find out more about the technology that protects my data?

Our full security policy outlines even more detail. We’re happy to help discuss these items with you. Please contact us here for more information.


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