How to use the Rhumbix .csv upload

Rhumbix allows you to bulk upload you employees, cost codes, budgets, equipment, and materials via .csv. Below are the steps to follow once on the "Setting" upload page.

  1. Click “Download .CSV Template”

  2. Fill out the .csv template; we recommend you export this information from your payroll or project management system and copy it into the .csv template
  3. Click “Select A File”, and import the template
  4. If there are errors in your file a screen will pop up to describe the errors, a few common errors include:
    1. Wrong file type, all upload files need to be .csv, make sure you save the file as .csv and not the standard excel format
    2. “Missing required header(s)”, your headers do not match those of the download file, you will need to re-download the template and copy the proper headers into your file
    3. “Field is required”, below are the required fields for each upload type, without these fields your upload will be rejected
      1. Employees: Employee ID, First Name and Last Name
        1. Admin, Payroll Admin, PM, Office Staff Roles: email
        2. Foreman Role: email and phone
      2. Cost Codes/ Budget: Cost Code
      3. Equipment: Equipment ID, Type and Equipment Description
      4. Materials: Material Name, Units, Unit Price
    4. “A valid number is required”, the budget upload requires numerical inputs for budgeted hours and quantities, if it detects other values your upload will be rejected with this error message
  5. Confirm your information is correct, or make any necessary edits, changes save automatically

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