Mobile - Quantities reporting

If you have a Rhumbix Core subscription you can use the notes feature to record daily production. This reporting ties into multiple mobile- and web-based reports and dashboards. Once you have recorded your production you can view your progress in the Productivity section.

Entering a Production Note

  1. Add a note to your time card
  2. Select the Quantities note
  3. Select the cost code you wish to report your production for
  4. Enter your production, make sure you are paying attention to the unit of measure, read below for a description of percent complete vs. quantity reporting

Percent Complete: If you are tracking by percent completion enter your estimate for work completed to date. Make sure the unit listed is pc. If it is not pc, contact an administrator to have the unit of measure changed.

Quantities: If you are tracking based on quantities installed enter your total quantities installed on that day. Make sure that you are reporting installed quantities based on the noted unit. 

To view production data

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