Mobile - Viewing production data

Log in to the Mobile App and navigate to the Productivity section.

1. Overview

The top of the screen shows the project name and the overall project summary by hours percent complete (HPC) and work percent complete (WPC). HPC is the percent complete by hours (actual hours divided by budgeted hours), and WPC is percent complete based on reported work completed (earned hours divided by budgeted hours).

The bullet chart on the left shows both the WPC, the dark gray vertical bar, and HPC, the green/red color-filled section. If the WPC exceeds the HPC, the color-filled section is green indicating that the overall project is under budget. If the HPC exceeds the WPC, the color-filled section is red indicating that the overall project is over budget.

2. Cost Code Breakdown

Below that you can view performance details for individual cost codes. The default view is to show the five most recently used cost codes. Press on “ALL CODES” to view all the codes for the project or “MOST USED” to view the cost codes with the most hours charged to them on the project. By default, foremen only see codes they have used. 

The columns in the cost code details section show the following information:

  • BH: budgeted hours
  • AH: actual hours
  • RH: remaining hours, budgeted ours minus actual hours
  • HPC: hours percent complete
  • WPC: work percent complete
  • The bullet chart showing the HPC and WPC for the cost code
  • U/O: Under/Over, whether or not you are currently under or over budget on the code 

Pressing on the question mark in the top right corner of the cost code details section shows the column descriptions listed above.

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