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Rhumbix has three standard views for entering, reviewing, editing, and approving timekeeping data on the web. For employee focused views, there is a Weekly Time Card and a Daily Time Card, here you can enter, view, edit, and approve timekeeping records. For cost code focused views, there is “Cost Code Accrual” where you can view weekly cost code summaries.

Weekly Time Card

The Weekly Time Card view shows all timekeeping data for a pay period. Switch between projects using the top-left project list and switch between weeks with the arrows or the calendar button. The action bar at the top of the weekly view lets you group and sort data. Clicking the 
“Expand All” button opens a detailed view where you see which projects and cost codes each employee worked on, clicking the “>” button to the left of a name will do the same. The “Employee” button lets you group by Employee, Foreman, Trade or Status. The icons underneath time entries note absences, shift extras or craft workers.
Enter & Edit

You can duplicate data using the copy and paste function by clicking on a cell and selecting “Copy” (Ctrl + C) and “Paste” (Ctrl + V) from the action bar, or simply by using keyboard shortcuts. Enter or edit data by double click any time cell. This opens the daily view where you can view timekeeping data, absences, or company specific shift extras, e.g. Classification or Equipment-Tracking. Select a tab to view or edit. Click any cell to edit or “Add Row” to enter new data. Click “Done” to save.

Daily Time Card


The Daily Time Card view shows daily timekeeping data grouped by foreman. Switch between projects using the top-left project list and switch between days with the arrows or the calendar button.

Enter & Edit

Create a new daily time cards by clicking the “Create” button or edit an existing time card by clicking “Edit”. To copy an entire time card to another day, click “Duplicate”. Enter or edit data by clicking any cell. This opens the edit view where you can enter or revise data and click “Save”. Add new cost codes and employees by clicking the “Add” button. Remove and assign absences by checking the absence box to the left of a crew members name.


Cost Code Accrual

Cost Code accrual provides a summary of hours spent on each of your cost codes.


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